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The Grand Tour

Following many requests from overseas visitors we have now introduced the Yorkshire Dales Grand Photography Tour, which takes you to the most iconic photography locations in the Dales. After many visits to theses places we know the best angles to shoot from, and the best times of day to visit each one. 

Come with us a learn to see how a professional photographer sees a landscape, and looks for other features which can be included to make a great picture. To get around all the locations we don't start with a classroom session, but the day is full of instruction and tips on both the technical and creative aspects of photography. We do the driving so you get to enjoy the scenery and look for pictures to take along the way.

There are some roadside stops along the route, but getting great pictures means getting into great situations, so there is a small amount of walking involved in this experience, up to half a mile at a couple of locations, and sturdy foot ware and outdoor clothing are recommended.

This is an experience that can be done year round. Even if the weather is not great, by thinking in black and white, the landscape is just as spectacular. If the weather is good then you cannot fail to come away with a brilliant set of pictures..

The session is available either as a half day covering the Three Peaks area, or full day covering most of the Dales. The full day will have a stop for lunch (either a packed lunch or stop at a local hostelry (not included in the cost)). This is such a full day  that there is normally not time to go back to the classroom for a detailed look over the day's efforts, so instead we normally round off at a pub to review the  shots on the camera.