Other Specialised Photography Courses

Portrait Photography

We all like to take pictures of people, yet it is surprising how few people can take a decent head and shoulders picture, so another popular session that we offer is portrait photography. Available as a full day we will look at the many aspects of portrait photography from candid portraits, through feature portraits, right up to studio portraits with lighting and backdrops.


The day will consist of classroom, out and about, and studio sessions that will cover the technical aspects of portrait photography, but more importantly techniques to make a subject feel at ease so the portrait represents what they are really like. We will also show how to set up a portable studio, that gives a really professional look to your shots and how it can be used for more formal portraits or fun shots.

Travel Photography

Travel Photography is more than just snapshots of the sights. On this course we look at all the things to think about when visiting a new place so you can come away with photographs which give a good overall view of what that place is like. 

As with all our courses it starts in the classroom before going out to spend the day on a National Geographic style photo assignment to cover the Wensleydale area. 

Press Photography

Press Photography calls for full all round ability to photograph almost any subject. This is a full day course which covers the more advanced technical aspects of photography and what to look for in a single shot that sums up an entire event. 


The vast majority of press photography requires the ability to set up a photograph, or at least give things a nudge to make what is happening into a proper picture, and this is one of the main things that will be covered. If possible the day will be based around going to look at an event that is happening locally, and how to cover it. 

Sports Photography

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Our Sports Photography days are popular with people who regularly photograph their local cricket, football or rugby teams, or publish newsletters for a sport that they are involved with. It is by no means limited to team sports, and the principals that we cover will show you how to photograph any sport from rock climbing to fishing. The sessions are also very popular with parents who want to take better pictures of their own children playing sport at any level.


If you would like to improve your sports photography abilities and have a go with professional sports cameras and lenses then we will try to structure a day around your chosen sport, or find a local match or event that we can go to photograph.

Wildlife Photography

Not the easiest of subjects and one requiring patience and long lenses, but if wildlife is your passion, we will show you the technical requirements needed for wildlife photography before venturing forth to some known locations where you can use our cameras and lenses up to 600mm to capture a variety of local wildlife.

Image Editing and Photoshop

So you've got all these great pictures, what happens next? On this session we look at different software packages for cataloging images, editing them, cropping and tuning. We also look at advanced image manipulation, splicing images, adding text, doing cutouts, and graphic design that can be accomplished with Photoshop.

Anything else you can think of!

If you have a particular interest or would like to be able to photograph any subject we haven't covered yet then please get in touch. We can show you how to apply the principals of photography to virtually any subject to achieve better results.

What ever your level of photography, we guarantee that there is something new that we can show you.