Brand New for 2018 we are introducing the opportunity to try drone flying, aerial photography and filming, and basic video editing, in a single unique experience.

Having become a qualified drone pilot, with CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), Mike is keen to share this amazing way to see and record the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales. Using DJI's amazing Mavic Pro drone, you can take to the skies at a variety of safe, approved sites where we have all the necessary permissions to fly. 

We use a dual control system, and Mike will at all time remain as pilot in charge, with the ability to take complete control, but you will actually be flying using FPV goggles which give and amazing immersive view from the camera on the drone.

Typically a day will start with a quick briefing, then a session at a totally safe site to get the feel for flying the drone, and some of the amazing smart flying modes that it can perform. Then we will go to at least three sites which yield great aerial footage, before returning to base for a tutorial in the basics of using Final Cut Pro, so you can edit your own aerial video of the day, set to music. Because we cannot just take off from anywhere, a small amount of gentle walking will be involved at a some sites, but nothing too taxing. The experience can be extended over multiple days to visit more sites or spend more time learning about editing. We are totally flexible and have enough batteries to keep flying all day.